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Historical government bond holdings
Historical Inflation-Linked bonds auction results
Historical Fixed-rate bond auction results
Inflation-linked bond auctions
Fixed-rate bond auctions
Historical and current ratings
S and P's rating opinion on South Africa
Moody's rating opinion on South Africa
R and I's rating opinion on South Africa
Historical government bond holdings
Inflation-Linked bond auctions results
Fixed-rate government bond auction results 2018-19
Historical goverment bond holdings
South Africa Rising Booklet March 2018
International Investor Roadshoe Presentation 12-16 March 2018
Domestic Investor Roadshow Presentation 22-27 February 2018
National Treasury Weekly auction level increase Post Budget 2018
Auction calender for domesric fixed rate goverment bonds 2018-19
Media statement-Goverment response to Moody's
Auction calender for inflation linked goverment bonds 2018-19
Fitch Downgrades South Africa’s local and foreign currency debt to 'BB+'; Outlook Stable
Rating announcement by S&P following recent political development
International Investor Roadshow Presentation 27 - 31 March 2017
Domestic Investor Roadshow Presentation - 23-28 February 2017
Domestic Investor Roadshow Presentation - 27 October to 1 November 2016
International Investor Roadshow Presentation - 6 November to 11 November 2016
Domestic Investor Roadshow Presentation - 25 Feb to 01 Mar 2016
I2029(1.875 per cent, 2029)
Offering Circular 2016-17
Market making press release R2040
International Investor Roadshow Presentation - 2 November to 6 November 2015
Domestic Investor Roadshow Presentation - 22 October to 27 October 2015.pdf
Market making press release R2035
Offering circular 2015-16
Domestic Investor Roadshow Presentation - 26 February to 03 March 2015
Non-Deal Roadshow 20-24 April 2015
Market obligations by Primary dealers in RSA goverment bonds
Market making press release R2044
Debt Management Report 2013-14
Market making press release R2032
Terms and conditions of the switch auction programme
Splitting of the R157 bond
South Africa launches two bonds in international capital markets